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09 July 2017

3 Creative Podcasts We Love

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Podcasts have been going strong for some time, and we’re listening more than ever. Here are three we recommend:

  1. Makers & Mystics: Stephen Roach interviews artists who create with spiritual awareness. Past guests include Josh Garrels and John Mark McMillan.
  2. Writing Excuses: For anyone who has ever wanted to write or simply loves words, this team of fantasy authors gives you an in-depth look into their writing process and what it takes to tell a compelling story.
  3. Myths & Legends: If you like folklore and fairy tales, this podcast retells stories from all over the world and explains the significance of their themes. Episodes include Aladdin and His Magic Lamp and the Knights of the Round Table.

What podcasts inspire you? Share with us in the comments below.

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