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19 March 2017

A great week…

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Photography by Barakade Fotografie

Wow! To say we are honored would not be exaggerating. We were amazed by the turnout at the White Eagle, as well as how many of you messaged us with great feedback about the album. Thanks to all our guests, to our amazing band, and to McMenamins for hosting the Outcasts & Refugees release show. (We’re back at the White Eagle on June 14th with Samsel).

Photography by Lindsey Skones

Even though the initial dust has settled, we’re excited to keep the album momentum going. Next week, we’ll begin uploading free printable chord charts on our internet store. We know there are lots of musicians out there, so we hope you enjoy jamming along.

Photography by Lindsey Skones

Song stories

Now that you’ve had a chance to listen to the album (if not you can download it on iTunes & Amazon), we thought you might enjoy knowing more about the creation of the songs. Here are video stories about our tracks:

HomeWayfaring StrangerThe WaterLionFire, Jonah’s Song, Eyes, I Don’t Know, Slavery, & The End

Reach more people

Photography by Barakade Fotografie

We love making music and want to keep it up. This means we need your help. One of the best ways we can continue this adventure is interaction with more folks. Four things you could do to help are:

1) Give us a happy review on iTunes or Amazon,

2) Subscribe to our Chasing Ebenezer YouTube channel,

3) Tell your friends about the album. We found lots of our favorite bands because friends introduced us to them, so if you have time, give the album a shout-out on Facebook or wherever you use social media.

4) Let us come over! We’d love to play a house show, so if you’ve got a neighborhood and a house (or lawn), contact us about bringing art to your community.

Photography by Barakade Fotografie

Thanks for your ongoing support, we couldn’t do this journey alone.

Next Sunday we plan for the blog to be back to regular Sunday fiction/poetry postings.


Embracing life’s wilderness through music & community

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