Chasing Ebenezer is an indie folk rock band from Portland, Oregon.


Chasing Ebenezer is an indie folk rock band based in Portland, Oregon. They are fronted by husband and wife team Benjamin & Heidi Beth Sadler.

In their soul-searching music, Chasing Ebenezer reflects a yearning for peace in the midst of turmoil. They advocate for the abused and abandoned and seek to move hearts to sacrificial compassion. Social causes they are passionate about include clean water, Alzheimers/dementia, and the fight against homelessness.

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Ever since he picked up the guitar, Benjamin’s soul has come alive with music. He’s been writing and arranging songs since high school. He loves being in nature, as it is this kind of peace that essential for nurturing his creativity. He most senses the presence of  God when he’s in the wilderness surrounded by trees, rocks, and streams. Benjamin also enjoys going to sci-fi movies at Portland’s Academy Theater, perusing comic books at Powell’s, and watching zombies on television.




Heidi Beth Sadler is a passionate violinist. As a little girl, Heidi told her mother she hated music, but looking back at twenty-five years of playing violin, this childhood proclamation has been proven wrong. Heidi co-fronts the indie folk rock band Chasing Ebenezer with her husband Benjamin. She also plays piano and guitar in local churches. She enjoys partnering with other bands, bringing music to seniors, and collaborating with fellow musicians in the recording studio. She also loves writing, cooking, and good movies. Her favorite movie is Singing in the Rain.

Benjamin and Heidi fell in love while playing in a college campus band in Virginia. They moved to the Portland area in 2007 and thoroughly enjoy romping about the Pacific Northwest. In 2013, they finally figured out what they wanted to do when they grew up and formed Chasing Ebenezer.


Bryan started hanging around with Ben and Heidi and their musical friends when he was in high school. That’s when he started playing djembe, and he later added congas to his repertoire. When not providing world percussion for the Chasing Ebenezer, Bryan works as a real estate agent, cheers for the Trail Blazers, and enjoys time with his wife Melissa.





Ryan Souders brings a unifying energy to Chasing Ebenezer. He drums with a controlled raucousness Heidi refers to as “drum therapy.” Ryan is a devoted cyclist and promotes a healthy vegan lifestyle.






A lover for all things blues and Beatles, David Skones has a unique ability to hear the full potential of tunes and perfectly fills sound gaps with walk downs and guitar lines. He plays bass, guitar, cello, and harmonica. Whether he is in rehearsal or at home with his wife Lindsey and their boys Evan, Charlie, and Tatum, David constantly quotes Jim Gaffigan and is always zinging puns.