27 November 2013

-Happy Thanksgiving from Chasing Ebenezer

Garlic. Rosemary. Sourdough. If it’s bread, I want it. Now you can imagine my sorrow when I was diagnosed with several food allergies this fall, gluten being the primary culprit – (tears here). Driving away from the naturopath, I took a deep breath and quickly uttered, “Now I will praise the Lord.” As I began to share my feelings... Read More
08 November 2013

-School of the Heart Reflections

Years ago, the concept that a group of ten or so people, some of them strangers, could sit down together and compose a beautiful song in less than an hour would have sounded impossible.  But in September, this is exactly what happened at our songwriting workshop at the School of the Heart. United around God... Read More
02 December 0001

Sunday Psalms – Episode : The Wine Bar

The walls of the jazz bar were lined with row after row of wine bottles, the candlelight reflecting off the glass. Pinots and carbernets, chardonnays and moscatos. Glass after glass, flowing. A wine museum. Jazz music from the baby grand mingled with the high-pitched laughter with young women who twirled pearl necklaces and clinked gold... Read More