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19 February 2017

He’s waiting to be found…

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As we’re busy gearing up for the album launch of Outcasts & Refugees, we get to spend a few weeks introducing some of the artists who helped us realize this project. This week we get to introduce you to the photographer who captured images that visualize the various themes in our music.

Rebecca Schnabel is the creator of Sasquatch Arts, a photography business that captures images of the Pacific Northwest with a unique twist: her premiere photographs all contain an embedded image of Sasquatch himself. Her tag line “He’s waiting to be found” invites you to peruse her website and see if you can find Sasquatch yourself. We’ve managed to spot him, but some of her images are pretty tricky.

We should probably mention that Rebecca also happens to be Heidi’s sister. Heidi is the older of the two, but she has taught Rebecca nothing about photography. Becca did that all on her own. She’s been studying photography since 2008 and is the proud owner of a legitimate dark room.

Shooting the pictures for Outcasts & Refugees was no simple task. On a hot day in August, the three of us loaded a bunch of photography equipment into a heavy wooden canoe and carried it into the heart of Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.

Did hikers look at us like we were insane, playing music in the middle of a sand dune? Yes. But we were committed to our mission. What says crazy faith more than a boat in the wilderness?

We sure hope you enjoy Rebecca’s photography, and if you’re in the Portland area, come meet her at our CD Release show (March 13th at McMenamins White Eagle Saloon).Talk to her about Sasquatch. Invite her to collaborate on your own creative projects.

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