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13 August 2017

Kaleidoscope Sky (Sunday Psalms Series)

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Sunday Psalms: Fictional Narratives & Poetry Inspired by the Psalms, Proverbs, & Other Biblical Works

Kaleidoscope Sky

I, the Traveler, wipe my brow.
Been climbing brittle paths,
Urban life in my past.
Too far gone to turn back now.
Encompasses bones,
muscles, skin.
I am a man on the verge of lost hope.

One more hill.
This is it.
If nothing lies beyond this crest,
I’ll find a prickly cactus stalk,
Nestle up, and die.

Hill crests,
Breath catches,
I have gone mad.
The heat, the lack of water
Have caused my eyes to mock my heart:

In the womb of the desert valley,
A lush oasis resides.
Butterflies perch on rhinoceros backs,
Wings flutter comfort against thick hide.

Kaleidoscope sky canopies
A wild sanctuary where beast and beauty marry talents.
Bears roll with rabbits,
Parrots nuzzle tigers.
I slap myself. Hard.

“Wake up, man!”

A blooming peacock waltzes by.

They won’t believe me back home.
Crazy like those boys we sealed up
At the hospital outside town.
Without witnessing this scene
With my own wonderment eyes,
I’d think me a fool too.
This juxtaposition of danger & tranquility
Summons dreams of boyhood,
Sings to cloaked yearnings.
I can never return to the predictable, contained life.

And the wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. Isaiah 40:6 (ASV)

Question to Ponder: What brings you wonder?

Song Recommendation: Tiny by Enter the Worship Circle

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Written by Heidi Beth Sadler, Inspired by Isaiah 11:6. Copyright © 2017 Benjamin & Heidi Sadler, All Rights Reserved.

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