Chasing Ebenezer exists to create opportunities for people to navigate the wilderness of life, specifically through music and community. Why “Chasing Ebenezer”?

Here are just a few ways we would love to connect with you:


As a band we are always looking for opportunities to share our music with different communities. Whether you are a venue/organization looking to bring in live music or an individual wanting to book a house concert we would love to partner with you.  See our press kit for more information.

Homegrown Art Events

Interested in bringing art into your home? We are passionate about creating opportunities for friends and neighbors to come together and share poetry, music, painting, etc. We’d love to help collaborate and help you bring an artistic evening to your community.

Songwriting Clinics

A song is something is personal and often indicative of the writer’s journey. So what would it look like if communities began creating their own songs? And what would happen if, rather than simply being independent artists, we came together to create something that had a piece of each of us in it?

Our songwriting clinics were started to address these questions. It’s been amazing to see how strangers can learn from one another and create a complete work of art in brief amount of time. The workshop begins with practical tools necessary for writing a song then puts this into practice by writing a song together. We encourage you to contact us about hosting a clinic in your home, school or church.

Facilitating Sacred Space

In their journey, Ben and Heidi have come to see that Jesus, the Divine Creator, is to be the sole recipient of worship. They’ve been leading others in church services and in intimate groups for over a decade. They would love to lead your group in a time of concentrated worship that involves elements such as music, prayer and meditation, fasting, and art.

Creative Coaching

Ben and Heidi love to help others discover and grow in their talents and abilities. Whether individually through guitar and violin lessons or as a band or church music team they can come alongside and aid in team building, leadership development, creative collaboration, and mentorship. Currently, they partner with Clear Creek Church and Grace Bible Church.

Art Church

Ben, Heidi, and Bryan belong to Restoration Fellowship. If you’ve never heard of a house church, it’s just what it sounds like. By gathering in a familial setting, people can warmly engage in discussion and ask questions. Often, house churches enjoy a meal together, share original songs from within the group, and encourage each member to participate. If you’d like to see what house church is like, don’t hesitate to contact them. For more information about house churches in general, we invite you to contact The Summit Fellowships, a house church collective in the Portland area.

Restorative Prayer

In 2013, Ben and Heidi began to experience the healing power of prayer, specifically in regards to unresolved pain. They’ve seen the healing that comes from asking the Holy Spirit to reveal truth. Because of this, they are grateful to provide prayer support to others.

During the restorative prayer process, we simply meet and ask pray for God to reveal the source of physical, emotional, and spiritual pain. Once this has been made clear, we ask the Father to speak truth, which can provide healing. (For more on this topic, please visit Master’s Mind Ministry.)

Teaching and Speaking

Ben and Heidi have a love for interacting with people regarding important issues. They are available for public speaking and small group teachings. Some of the topics they are passionate about include: Worship, Prayer, The Wilderness, Community, Confession, and Faith.


Ben is available to teach guitar students. Heidi is available for violin lessons, writing, and editing projects.