Let’s Dream Together!

Benjamin and Heidi Beth love to partner with individuals non-profits. If you believe in Chasing Ebenezer’s desire to create and inspire art, e-mail Bryan Atkinson ( and we will brainstorm with you. Potential opportunities include:

  • A Chasing Ebenezer concert
  • Songwriting clinics
  • An art night for your community
  • Speaking/teaching at your event
  • Sacred services


In 2014, Ben and Heidi took a leap of faith by quitting their day jobs and have been living a crazy artistic life ever since. Your financial support will enable them to sustain a long-term life of art and community. 

While Chasing Ebenezer is not a 501c3 organization, Benjamin is a pastor for The Summit Fellowships, a 501c3 organization. If you’re interested in supporting them financially, you can contact us about making a tax-deductible donation via The Summit Fellowships.

Ben and Heidi also like to eat. If you want to make a donation that helps with things like food, health insurance, music equipment, and recording, you can do so via Paypal using our handle or via our Square Store.

Want to help fund The Chasing Ebenezer Show and our next studio album? Visit us on Patreon.

Other Ways to Support Chasing Ebenezer

  • Tell your friends about us!
  • Follow us on Spotify, YouTube, or iTunes
  • We believe prayer works. We can always use it.