Let’s Dream Together!

Benjamin and Heidi Beth love to partner with individuals non-profits. If you believe in Chasing Ebenezer’s desire to create and inspire art, e-mail Bryan Atkinson (bryan@chasingebenezer.com) and we will brainstorm with you. Potential opportunities include:

  • A Chasing Ebenezer concert
  • Songwriting clinics
  • An art night for your community
  • Speaking/teaching at your event
  • Sacred services


In 2014, Ben and Heidi took a leap of faith by quitting their day jobs and have been living a crazy artistic life ever since. Your financial support will enable them to sustain a long-term life of art and community. 

While Chasing Ebenezer is not a 501c3 organization, Benjamin is a pastor for The Summit Fellowships, a 501c3 organization. If you’re interested in supporting them financially, you can contact us about making a tax-deductible donation via The Summit Fellowships.

Ben and Heidi also like to eat. If you want to make a donation that helps with things like food, health insurance, music equipment, and recording, you can do so via Paypal using our handle chasingebenezer@gmail.com or via our Square Store.

Want to help fund The Chasing Ebenezer Show and our next studio album? Visit us on Patreon.

Other Ways to Support Chasing Ebenezer

  • Tell your friends about us!
  • Follow us on Spotify, YouTube, or iTunes
  • We believe prayer works. We can always use it.