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01 April 2014

The Art of Breathing

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BreathingIt’s Saturday morning and I am sitting down with my cup of coffee, Bible, and journal.  It’s been a busy season.  I haven’t had this kind of quiet for a long while.  I open my journal, the one that I’ve had for nearly a year and a half.  As I look at the pages, I realize I barely have a quarter of it filled up.  Sigh…

I endeavor to routinely journal, in order to process all that God is giving me. Unfortunately, like most things, my inspiration withers and I stop. It all starts with a subtle excuse, “I don’t need to journal what I hear from God. I’ll remember it.”  Or “I don’t need to be legalistic, God is happy as long as I show up.”  Then there’s my personal favorite, “What I need is a new, better looking journal. That will inspire me.”

Time goes by and a cold ache forms around my heart.  Then something finally brings me back; in this case it was my quiet Saturday morning.  I start to write, and I feel life flowing back into my spirit.  It’s like exhaling after holding my breath for a long time. Before I know it, I have made a connection with God that I would not have made otherwise, and I’m drawn back to intimacy with Him.

Walking with God is a lot like breathing. It must be the rhythm of our life.  We inhale His Word and His Presence. Then we exhale what we’ve learned, bringing life to all around us.

Think about it – when God exhaled, man drew his first breath.  When Jesus exhaled His last breath on the cross, the penalty of death was destroyed! Now we stand as image bearers with the Holy Spirit inside of us, breathing out the life of God. A life that is meant to be exhaled by us onto the earth. We have done our fair share of inhaling.  We listen to sermon after sermon, worship song after worship song. We attend church gatherings, and conferences.  And what have we done with what we have received? Are we exhaling?  What would happen if we actually oriented our identity, beliefs and practices around what we have received from the LORD?  What if our faith finally made the transfer from concept to reality? What would our relationships look like?  What kind of art would we create?  How could the world change? I dare you to breathe. – Ben

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